Vijon, a new App for Videojournalism


Virtual NEWSROOM system, for video journalism.

With VIJON we want to create an App for journalistic video production, connected to a Platform for the management of a Virtual NewsRoom (through a CLOUD VCD solution), totally compatible with AI systems.

Vijon – Why

The large traditional information organizations and all stakeholders in the sector in general need an increasing number of video content for various reasons:

1 – video content appears to be the fastest growing content among those available for a web publisher(data: AGCOM 2017)

2 – the great availability of devices capable of shooting videos and the great confidence of the public with this type of content have made it really important for journalistic media, to prepare for the journalistic story through the video tool: that is, not only to have interesting video content, but to have journalistic video content, with everything that follows.

3 – The inflow of new potential customers into the video-journalistic ecosystem continues: in addition to traditional journalistic media, even large companies and public administrations increasingly decide to entrust part of their communication to video content prepared with a journalistic slant, thus relying on professionals of the sector.